Baseball in Tokyo

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Tokyo to watch the Oakland A’s play the Tokyo Giants. I know, I know, it was only an exhibition game, but I couldn’t stay the 2 extra days to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Oakland A’s in the “season opener” for the year.  Please forgive me, or maybe I’m asking myself for forgiveness because I know, as some of you know  — it wasn’t my team or my league. I was desperate for baseball, ok?

You know how it is — you just have to see the game and feel safe and at home. In this case, I needed baseball like a drug — I needed to be surrounded by it and see the big diamond on the field. (And here is a semi-non sequitur …..I used to ride BART from El Cerrito Station into Berkeley and the section where the tracks are passing by Albany Jr. High and you see the baseball diamond – I would tear up a bit.  Seriously. I miss seeing that on a day-to-day basis. You think there are baseball fields here in Hong Kong where I live??! )  Ok, getting back to baseball in Tokyo.  

So, out of the whole darn stadium full of Japanese fans — we ended up next to two Americans from Virginia! They were very nice and they made the whole event even more fun and homey.  Dancing in the stands when the A’s scored a run. They bought a round of beers. We bought a round of beers.  The best part, we never had to leave our seats to buy beer because there were cute beer girls that would come around wearing bright neon colors. Talk about a potential girl crush! The girls had on these back packs that were mini beer kegs! Who wouldn’t like a cute girl with a backpack that is a mini beer keg?! (Now I wish I had taken a photo just to show you all!)

Can I just back up a bit? The way certain things are organized in Japan is truly amazing. Once you enter Tokyo Dome — they check your bags and if you have a drink, they would take the drink and pour it into a paper cup for you. They then recycle your glass and/or plastic bottle  right away. I’m not sure if it’s to prevent fans from having a glass bottle to hurl at someone — it just doesn’t seem like part of their culture. Recycling, however, does seem like a big part of their culture.

Anyhoo, the A’s won 5 to 0. Yeah!
My Cubs aren’t doing too well so far, but it’s still early in the season, right?

Yes, here I go again. Unrequited love…….


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